Ode to Prague

Gepubliceerd op 26 maart 2021 om 21:19

Foto van Milan Bachan Bahy

Ode to Prague

Never thought a city could be my second lover; she is

Unfortunately it’s a one way ticket

She doesn’t know me at all,

I am just one of her million lovers


For me she is so special, always on my mind

An urge to hold her in my arms again, so strong

Seeing the memories of walking down the cobblestones, talking to her out loud

Not able to understand why she drives me crazy!


I fall asleep with a smile on my face

Flying through the air in my dreams, from Petrin to The Wenceslas Square

Meeting the statues on the Charles Bridge at night

Until I open my eyes in the morning and know that I am still at home


Happiness, I'm sorry you've been on hold

Patience, my dear, we still have time

I feel the sadness burning in my heart

Knowing that I would cry when I'll see the Prague Castle again


Prague, please wake me up when Corona ends

Then give me the love you’ve given me before, I’ll hand you mine

Your freedom, your views, your beauty, it’s worth waiting for and

Will never fade away. Only I would fall into oblivion for you.......


Prague, I love you


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